Solutions For Freedom From Poverty in Africa!

How can we level the playing field? By giving the African people a fair change to create their own future. A fair chance at creating and building their own environment. A fair change at education, entrepreneurship and online commerce. All these can be achieved with free internet service access to all by building and providing a Community Internet access. This long overdue project with the use of free Internet and other new technologies will as it has done worldwide, enhance the social, political and economic impact in Africa. LFA hopes to draw support and provide Free internet and free web hosting services developed with the purpose to preserve culture and enrich the African public by providing a tranquil way to access information in their communities which will provide access to resources around the world. This will instantly provide an avenue for entrepreneurship for both the youth and elderly. The ultimate goal is to eradicate poverty in Africa. Through the provisions of fair play free internet access and resources this is achievable.

Information Revolution

Members of Let’s Free Africa Project (LFA) believe that the Internet (in all forms of distribution system: PC, television, wireless or some yet to be developed system) will transform the social, political and economic lives of all. We further believe that the influence and importance of the Internet will dwarf that of the most important cultural influence of the past 50 years: television. Potentially the Internet represents change on the order of the industrial revolution or the printing press. Believing this, our Internet Project is designed to get in on the ground floor of that change and to watch and document what happens as households and African nations acquire and use the Internet. more ››


Here are a few areas providing free internet broadband to African communities will benefit and even eradicate poverty in many areas: more ››